Cheap CD Duplication

CD’s in Slim Cases with CD Inserts and  Black Print and Duplication.

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Slim Cases CD Prices

  • 50 Qty: $70.00
  • 100 Qty: $129.00
  • 200 Qty: $258.00
  • 250 Qty: $322.00
  • 300 Qty: $387.00
  • 400 Qty: $516.00
  • 500 Qty: $645.00
  • 1000 Qty: $1125.00

We offer cd’s in slim cases with duplication starting at 50 Qty running up to 1000 qty. Our slim case CD Duplication comes with CD Inserts the duplication of the CD and Black thermal text printed on the disc.  We offer slim case CD Duplication for clients who need packaging for their products. This is the premium package with CD inserts and Slim case and CD Duplication.

Give your project the quality it deserves. Promote your music with High quality CD Duplication. Slim case CD Duplication is the process of burning audio on to CD-R’s and printing your info directly on the CD. We provide professional high quality disc that hold up to 80 minutes of audio or music.  There are no extra fees when you order from us. If you have a tight budget then slim case CD duplication may be the right way to go for your project.


Slim Jewel Case and CD Inserts & CD Duplication comes with packaging but we offer various packaging Styles if needed.

    • Vinyl sleeves
    • White paper sleeves
    • Slim jewel cases
    • Standard jewel cases
    • Clamshell cases


CD Inserts, slim cases &  Duplication can be shipped to you within 2 to 3 days depending on the quantity ordered. You can also pick up your order in our office if you are in the local Atlanta area.


  • We ship USPS Priority Mail
  • We also Ship via FEDEX
  • We can provide you a tracking number

File Upload

You can send your music or audio files to us via (it’s a free file sharing website for sending large and multiple files, check it out!)

Cheap CD Duplication

Our CD Duplication caters to independent Artists, DJ’s, Rappers, Underground Artists, Churches, and Bands. Our CD Duplication is at a cheap price and our clients like the quality the receive when ordering from us. You will be satisified.


If you have any questions about our cd duplication ordering process, file upload, file prep or payments you can:

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